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Welcome to Carole Park’s Ling Chi Yoga. Here I hope to give you a brief introduction to myself and my journey with the spiritual healing arts that I practice and teach.

Ling Chi Yoga was born after years of  training studying and practising and teaching Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation and Ling Chi Healing. It took all of this experience and the correct divine time for Ling Chi Yoga to come into the world.

Although I can remember having insights and spiritual leanings all my life my real experience began approximately 15 years ago. As with many of us I had become caught up in the world and the pressure and expectations based on personal power and gain; worrying about getting from A to B in a certain time; living they way I was told to live rather than living a life that was natural and inspired. I was very frustrated with my job in sales and management and felt very unfulfilled.

Then one day I experienced what I can only describe as a true soul calling to the Light. I knew I had to learn Tai Chi, I didn’t even know what it was I just knew I had to do it. I searched for classes andas the Universe would have it the first Tai Chi Form that was presented to me was Infinite Tai Chi; a beautiful and spiritually advanced Tai Chi form created by Master Jason Chan. I trained as an Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation teacher and then studied Ling Chi Healing Art.

As I deepened into the practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung and my meditations became richer and higher my spiritual studies expanded alongside. I studied Taoism, Buddhism and received teaching from A course in Miracles from Master Chan. This was followed by my inspiration to study Yoga. As I was already a committed full time energy worker yoga was a natural progression on my journey. I initially trained with the DRU Yoga organisation then diversified studying different aspects of yoga and various styles and approaches to the Yogic Path.

The most important yoga influence in my life has been my great Yoga Mentor Charlotte Taylor a gentle and unassuming yet powerful Master.

The different disciplines that I practice and share are each a Path in themselves. A Healing Journey – Paths back to Wholeness/Oneness and although they complement each other they do not complete each other. However there comes a point where there is no longer any division between them and they become a total Healing transformational experience. For me the different paths to the Light no longer appear complicated rather they have become simplified and are each aspects of “My Path”.

My years of training, personal experience, study and practice of these beautiful yet powerful ancient arts and diverse spiritual teachings has resulted in an exhilarating inner journey of self discovery that the space on this page cannot do justice to. My whole reason for being has been challenged and I have transformed in ways I could never have believed possible. I have experienced an indescribable expansion of consciousness. I connect and work with beautiful, powerful high energies and channel and hold them to help uplift the world. I have met and worked with Great Souls and Masters. Pushed, and at times, quite forcibly pulled forward on my spiritual journey.

“The spiritual path is all around you and with you at all times whichever way you choose to walk it; all that changes is the way you perceive it.”


I invite you to join me to experience Ling Chi Yoga at my courses and workshops to share the beautiful health and healing benefits of these ancient art forms that have come together with a modern approach . All the work that I do is aimed at Health, Healing, Personal Development and Spiritual Unfolding. You will only ever be expected to work at your own pace and at the level you are comfortable with. Nothing can or will be forced.

I see my role as being here to help and support you on this great adventure. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Om Shanti


“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky” -